We are delighted to announce that Bernie Butler, our managing director, has officially been appointed as President of the European Sprouted Seeds Association (ESSA). ESSA is a membership-based factual association based in the headquarters of the European fresh fruit and vegetable association, Freshfel, in Brussels, Belgium.

The primary endeavours of ESSA are to provide a forum where any issues effecting the sprouted seed sector in Europe may be discussed and also to provide support the interests of European sprouted seeds growers. ESSA has strong input in sprouted seeds promotion, food safety and EU regulatory affairs and assists in implementing any new legislation in accordance with the European Union.

To help small producers across Europe and to give a useful tool to competent authorities, ESSA has also started work on general guidelines for hygienic production of seeds for sprouting and sprouts

Bernie is delighted with the appointment, “I am very pleased to be appointed to this position.  I look forward to the year ahead and I hope that, with the support of the Board, the Members and the Executive, we can strengthen and develop ESSA as a meaningful interface between growers, producers, suppliers and governing bodies so that we can continue to sustain and develop our industry through the production of safe quality sprouts”.

Bernie has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the production of sprouted seeds and the sprouted seed market and we are very happy for her to be able to share her expertise with likeminded individuals.

We wish Bernie all the best with her new commitment.

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