Sometimes it may seem impossible to maintain a healthy balanced diet while travelling. Long hours in airports, train stations and car journeys up and down the country can make it difficult to resist popping into the takeaway or rolling up to the drive-through.  Eating highly processed food may be yummy at the time but you may feel hungry and sluggish again in an hour or two. Travelling can be tiring enough, let’s not hinder the energy levels any more with poor food choices!

Here’s some simple tips to help you on your way:

  • Prepare some food to take with you to snack on. Little bags of unsalted nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit and lightly salted popcorn are easily portable to throw into your bag and keep hunger at bay. Snacking on healthy foods between meals can also avoid overindulgence at lunch or dinner.
  • Choose healthy options in shops, train stations and airports. Avoid the fast-food restaurants and opt for fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads. If you have the options to make your own choose lean chicken, turkey, tuna, plenty of veggies and go easy on the mayonnaise and dressings. Choosing these healthier options means you’ll feel fuller and have more energy for longer.


  • When eating out try to choose foods which are grilled or baked as opposed to fried as these tend to have a lower fat content. Fill up on vegetables and salads with reduced fat dressing (or dressing on the side) and ditch the big bowls of chips and cheesy potato skins.


  • If it’s roasting hot and you’re thinking about getting a massive ice cream why not look around for a frozen yoghurt stand? These usually have great healthy options as toppings like fresh fruit and nuts and you’ll be surprised how tasty they are! Alternatively grab a natural yoghurt from the shop and throw on your own favourite healthy toppings.


  • Keep hydrated. Get a reusable water bottle and ask restaurants or cafes to fill it up for you. It’ll keep you feeling fresh and more energised throughout the day.
  • Same advice as ever but DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST. Just at least eat something! Pots of oats are easily bought in local stores and can be eaten along with yoghurt or topped up with hot water for a quick and filling breakfast. Grab some fruit if you’re in a hurry but if you have time eat a filling breakfast. It’ll save you getting hungry an hour into travelling and it’ll save you money

Include your food preparation with your overall travel preparation. You wouldn’t forget your passport so don’t forget your health when travelling!!

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