When it comes to running your very first marathon, you can be bombarded with advice and not all of it is necessarily good (no matter how good the intentions are)!   You’re excited, you’re nervous, you’re petrified but most of all you’re determined.

Avoid the following crimes to stop anything getting in the way of gliding your way through this!!



No. No. No. Just don’t do it. Make sure you have trained in your new running shoes for at least two weeks beforehand. This way, you have broken them in, they know you’re feet and you’re not running the risk (get it!!) of getting through over 20 miles with lovely blisters keeping you company.



Pace yourself!! Don’t worry about anyone else – you know your limits so stay within them. You’re goal is to get to that finish line so control yourself and find a good rhythm that’s going to be sustainable. Most importantly, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself by over-doing it so take your time and you will get there!



Overloading on carbs can often be confused with overloading on calories. In the 2-3 days before the race, eat a little more carbohydrate at every meal but don’t overdo it. The aim is to store this carbohydrate in the form of glycogen in muscles so that it can be used as energy during the marathon. If you gorge yourself on high fat foods such as pizza and ice cream, t his will leave you feeling bloated and swollen. Make sure you stick to rice, pasta, oats and bread as your carb source.



Yes – you need plenty of hydration for the marathon but for the love of god, you do not want to be spending you’re time looking for the loo whilst others are plodding on. Drink as much as your body needs rather than what you think it needs. Hydrating before, during and after the marathon is essential to keep your energy levels up but just in moderation.



Cut out any negativity and be positive!! You are running a marathon after all so it’s not going to be easy but make sure to keep yourself motivated throughout the race. Maybe having a friend or family member at every mile to cheer you will help or organise a dinner party for afterwards, whatever it is that will keep you going juSt remember – YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Good4U would like to wish all those competing in the Dublin City Marathon the very best of luck. Pop over to us on Friday and Saturday at the Expo in the RDS for some tasty and nutritious snacks that will keep you fuelled on your journey to the finish line!

Best of Luck!!

The Good4U Team


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