Today, the 11th October is World Obesity Day. Research published today shows shocking statistics about the changes in obesity rates worldwide from 1975 to 2016.

Analysis of weight and height from approx. 130 million people was measured and recorded over a period of 5 years. Results show that the number of obese children has increased tenfold over the study period. in 1975 six million boys were obese. This figure has risen to 74 million in 2016. A similar result can be seen in girls. In 1975 five million girls were obese and this has risen to 50 million by 2016.

According to the study children in Ireland are the 8th most overweight in Europe and rank 58th most overweight in the world.  The 2018 budget in Ireland will place a sugar tax on fizzy drinks which will come into effect from April 2018. Any drink with over 8g of sugar per 100ml will incur a 30c per litre tax hike.

The study suggests that healthy food needs to made more accessible and affordable to families on a low income and that governments have a duty to tackle obesity through implementation of policies and taxes.

Small changes make a HUGE difference, why not try to implement these healthy eating habits:


  • Plenty of vegetables, fruit & whole-grains
  • Try low-fat or non-fat dairy products.
  • Choose leaner meats
  • Serve reasonably-sized portions- little ones don’t need as much as we do!
  • Limit sugar-sweetened drinks
  • Limit consumption of sugar and saturated fat.
  • Encourage your family to drink plenty of water.
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