This month we put the beautiful Terrie McEvoy under the spotlight to find out the answers to some of the more important questions in life…like tea or coffee?!



If you could give the readers your one top tip for a healthier, happier life, what would that be?

Don’t stress about the little things, stress can have a huge impact on your happiness and health! Just always ask yourself in 5 years time, will this matter?


What is your favourite meal of all time?



Favourite country you have been to?

Probably Jamaica and the Philippines


What current trend are you NOT a fan of?

Flared jeans!!!! I just can’t deal with them lol!



Do you eat breakfast every morning?



Favourite weekend activity?

To go on adventures with David

What did you want to be as a grown up when you were a child?

A marine Biologist on sharks, until I was about 14 and then I wanted to be a nurse


What fictional character you would like to meet in real life?

The Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland, he seems like he would be my cup of tea haha!!



Tea or coffee? 

Barrys Tea all the way


What is your favourite brand and why?

I have way too many, if we are talking fashion, I would have to say Zara, and then for makeup I would have to sayyyyy Tarte cosmetics


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