Forget the fad diets, ditch the restrictions you have on food and stop feeling guilty about what foods you put in your body. Many people around the world are now practicing mindful and intuitive eating to break the taboo which is sometimes associated with eating.

Mindful and intuitive eating can work hand in hand and are similar types of eating styles however in this blog we will look at them individually so you can really understand them.

Mindful eating

This is associated with the practice of mindfulness itself and means that when we are eating we are conscious of the taste, smell and texture of the food. We eat slowly and avoid any distractions such as phones, laptops or the TV. Mindful eating means being fully aware of the food and of the hunger and fullness cues of the body, eating only until you are full and not stuffed to the brim! Being able to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger is very important in this style of eating. It allows us to avoid binge-eating and over eating and reduces the stress and guilt sometimes associated with eating.

Intuitive eating:

This approach looks at eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. It eliminates habits or external influences associated with eating. It also aims to remove the taboo associated with eating ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. This reduces food restrictions and feelings of guilt when eating. It involves trusting yourself and your body to know when and what to eat depending on the needs of your body.

These approaches to eating can help people to better appreciate food and reduce the number of people following restrictive eating patterns. It allows for a healthy, sustainable relationship with food to grow which fits into busy lifestyles.

Emma 🙂

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