It’s beginning to look a lot like… my jeans are not going to fit me in a week!!!!


Christmas.. a time of joy, of giving, of celebration and family. Plus temptation, alcohol, obscene portions and many many pigs in delicious blankets! On average we gain 0.5-1kg over the festive period. From office parties to Christmas pudding catch ups with friends it can be very difficult to stay healthy and feel well. Here is a guide to help us stay that little bit healthier this Christmas time, without completely ruining the fun!

  • Stay active- don’t just ditch the exercise routine, get out and get moving. If you’re meeting old friends suggest going for a walk rather than to the pub or for a ton of mince pies. Get the family together for a game outside and have a laugh while you’re at it


  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Include a source of protein and some fibre. This has been shown to help prevent unnecessary snacking and overindulgence later in the day.
  • Choose smaller portions- the chances are you actually don’t need that extra spoon of mash!


  • Eat slowly and concentrate on the food you are eating. It’s a time of year for great tastes and smells so savour it. You’ll probably be fuller sooner than you think.


  • Choose whole, ‘real’ foods like fruit, veg and grains. Fill up on these foods to avoid eating too much processed food. These tend to be higher in fat, sugar, salt and calories and are best limited.


  • Eat something before heading to that Christmas party. It will help you to avoid snacking and over indulgence plus it will help absorb some of that alcohol if you choose to have a drink.


  • Sip on water both when you’re having a drink and when you are eating. It will help you to realise when you are full and will keep you hydrated.


  • Get enough sleep. It can be hard but aim to get at least 7 hours sleep per night. Being tired can impact your activity levels and food choices. Get some zzz’s!
Enjoy yourself this Christmas, just make smart choices and be mindful. You won’t know yourself come the new year!


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