Ugh, matcha is SO last year!

2018 is set to be big for crazy, but brilliant new food trends. If you’re a foodie like me you won’t be short of new exciting things to try.

Allergen free foods: you’ll be sure to see many more ‘free’ foods without dairy, wheat, nuts etc. The food industry is evolving to cater for those with allergies and to make it much easier to buy these types of foods.

Plant based foods: I’m talking meat-free burgers, veg and fruit based snacks and carbohydrate foods being replaced by pulses and vegetables. In 2017 we saw a surge in spiralised veg and things like edamame bean spaghetti. Not to mention kale crisps and nut milks. Expect to see much more of this in 2018.

Healthy Ready Meals: The conventional ready-meal is getting a makeover with consumers demanding healthier options for convenience and on-the-go foods. As a result there has been an increase in the number of companies producing healthy, functional snack foods and ready meals which makes it much easier for busy people to keep their diets healthy.

Gut health: Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics! Get used to hearing about them because with the amount of research happening around the gut microbiome and it’s impact on both physical and mental health we can expect to see probiotics being added to all kinds of foods in 2018.

Food Trends


Fermented Foods: Along with probiotics fermented foods are set to grow in popularity in 2018. Things like sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir will become more mainstream as they have been shown to improve digestion.

Middle Eastern and African Flavours: Expect to see more spices and herbs added to foods with influences from abroad. We heard loads about turmeric in 2017 but make room for many more exciting flavours in the kitchen!

Nootropics: Heard of them? They are basically compounds used to enhance brain function. These have been gaining interest in the last few months and have already been added to some foods and drinks. Keep an eye out for them!

Mushrooms: Fungi for the win! Mushrooms will be EVERYWHERE in 2018. They will be used for their health benefits and flavour in foods, drinks and even cosmetics. Shiitake face mask anyone?!


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