Sprouting involves the germination of seeds to be eaten either raw or cooked. Sprouting allows our bodies to digest these seeds much more easily and gives us access to a wide range of pretty amazing nutritional benefits. Good4U are one of the leading suppliers of sprouted seeds and we want to share the goodness of these amazing foods with the rest of you. Sit tight, I think you’ll be surprised!

Sprouts are naturally low in fat and calories, contain sources of fibre, B vitamins and Vitamin C and are packed full of antioxidants and helpful digestive enzymes.

Research has shown that regularly eating sprouts included in the Good4U Super Sprouts has a protective effect against DNA damage and associated cancer risk. CLICK HERE to read the full research on these amazing sprouts.

Sprouts are a good source of fibre, particularly the Good4U lentil sprout mix. As a population we are not eating enough fibre in our diets. Fibre is essential to human health as one of its main functions is to move food through our digestive tract and remove waste from the body.

Sprouts are also a very good source of plant-based protein or as we like to call it ‘veggie protein’. This makes sprouts an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans but also for other people who just want to increase their overall protein intake. Protein is needed for growth and repair of all body cells. Upping our intake of plant-based protein is an affordable and easy way to increase protein intake.

Sprouts, especially radish sprouts (in the Good4U Super Sprout Mix) contain calcium. People often associate calcium with mainly dairy products so for those who are lactose intolerant it is important to note other less known sources. Calcium works with Vitamin D in the body to ensure our bones and teeth remain strong and healthy. In Ireland and the UK we do not get too much sunlight (just in case you didn’t notice!) so it’s important to check with our GP or dietitian in order to make sure we are getting enough Vitamin D from food sources. A supplement of Vitamin D is often recommended for many people living in similar climates.

Lentil sprouts, in particular, contain approx. 18% of our recommended daily allowance (RDA) of iron. Iron is needed in the body to make haemoglobin. Haemoglobin helps to transport oxygen around the body in red blood cells. Iron deficiency may lead to anaemia, a common deficiency especially among women of child-bearing age.

Folate is a B vitamin which is needed to make DNA in the body and helps maintain a healthy nervous and immune system. It is also an important vitamin for pregnant women in order to support a healthy pregnancy. Pea sprouts found in the Good4U Lentil Sprout Mix contain approx. 36% of our RDA of folate. Stock up!!

Sprouts are great sources of Vitamin C needed of course for our immune systems, to aid in wound healing and to help in absorption of iron by the body. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, preventing oxidative stress in the body. Basically, antioxidants are needed to take care of harmful stuff in our bodies, keeping us healthy.

I have gone through just some of the main powerful nutritional benefits of sprouted seeds. Adding these nutritional superheroes to your diet will boost your overall intake of a wide range of nutrients and you’ll reap the benefits! They aren’t called one of the healthiest foods on the planet for no reason yanno!

Check out the Good4U range of sprouted seeds and add them to your next Super Salad for a tasty, naturally nutritious boost!

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