Balance can be defined as ‘a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions’. Does this apply to your life? Or is one area of your life taking over? We can all very easily get bogged down or extremely focussed on one thing which seems important. Perhaps it is, but is it affecting other areas of your life negatively?
Balance in our busy lives can be difficult to manage at times but is extremely important. Balance can help to alleviate stress, maintain a healthier body and mind, help you feel calmer, enable you to focus and concentrate and makes it easier to maintain relationships.

In order to achieve balance we must think about what’s important to us. What will help you to achieve your goals? What will enable you to strive in your personal and professional life? What is stopping from you achieving your goals? When we ask ourselves these questions and really listen to the answer we may surprise ourselves. Each personal must find what works best for them and making small changes to everyday life can help. Here are some top tips to help achieve a more balanced lifestyle:
Sleep more. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, lack of concentration, poor mood and more stress. Try to get to bed earlier and relax before it’s time to sleep. Find something that helps you to completely relax and switch-off before bed and follow this routine every night.
Now that you are sleeping more, get up earlier! Aim to tick a few jobs off the list early in the day, leaving more time to do things you enjoy throughout the day. For example, sticking on a clothes wash and putting it out to dry earlier in the day leaves you with one less job to tackle later in the day. Result! It sounds so simple but tasks like these can add up and become massive jobs which we dread having to do.
Move more. Ever tried going for a brisk walk at lunch? It can work wonders for stress levels and for your mood. It also perks you up and allows for a calmer mindset heading into the latter part of the day. Exercise is a great way to unwind while building fitness levels. Find something you enjoy doing. This may take time and trial and error. Incorporating exercise into your weekly routine is extremely important for achieving a more balanced lifestyle. Try something with a friend and have a chat and a laugh at the same time.

Speaking of friends, try and maintain friendships and relationships no matter how busy you are. It’s important to talk to people and understand how you are feeling. Often people know exactly how you are feeling and simply talking and laughing can turn a bad day into a wonderful one. Support systems and relationships are an integral part of a healthy balanced lifestyle, try and keep them good friends close.
Eat more fruit and veg! Add a salad to your lunch or dinner, munch an apple on the way to work, grab a banana before the gym. Fruit and veg contain so many amazing nutrients that help us feel fuller and help us to maintain a healthy body and mind.
Reduce alcohol levels and aim to reduce caffeine intake to 3-4 cups of coffee per day. Too much alcohol can leave us with poorer mood, reduced energy and generally poorer health overall. Stick to the recommended limits for alcohol consumption. Too much caffeine can increase levels of anxiety and can interrupt sleep. Enjoy your coffee, but not too much!
Practice mindfulness, it’s actually quite simple. Try and focus on the ‘now’, what’s happening currently, what you can see, hear, smell. Practice deep breathing. It’s an extremely calming and beneficial exercise for everyone. Try it.
Do things you enjoy an don’t feel guilty for it! Restricting ourselves from things we like to do only brings guilt. Enjoy what you like in moderation and you’ll feel a lot calmer.
A healthy balanced lifestyle doesn’t just apply to food. It’s important to manage stress levels, mental health and physical health too. Live your life, you only have one!

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