Yup, it’s warm, we know. The recent spell of good weather has been wonderful. It’s great to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. During warmer weather it can be harder to keep kids hydrated and cool. Why not try these super tasty and healthy homemade ice pops? It’s a fun activity for kids and adults and it’s a great way to get some nutrients and fluids into them.

Grab some lollipops moulds (available in mopst discount stores), plain natural yoghurt, a banana and some fruit such as raspberries or strawberries. First, blend the banana and yogurt together in a food blender until smooth. Slice the fruit and stir into the yoghurt and banana mix. Spoon into the moulds, freeze for 3-4 and enjoy! Tip: blend the other fruit into the mix instead of leaving it whole if kids prefer.


Option 2: Watermelon pops – oh so yummy! These are so simple and can be made with any fruit. We used watermelon, the juice from one orange and some raspberries. Blend it all together until smooth, add a dash of water, pop into the moulds and freeze for 4-5 hours. Easy peasy!

Option 3: Very Berry Ice Pops. This one is super easy too! Pick your favorite berries, blend them all together, add a dash of water and freeze for 4-5 hours! Sometimes you may need to add some lemon juice depending on your preference. Why not sprinkle with some Good4U seeds before you freeze for an extra nutritious crunch?!

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