Who doesn’t love a healthy alternative to your favourite snacks?

Healthy snacking increases brain function, boosts your mood and curbs your cravings so it can be an important part of your diet!

Try these tips to get started on making smarter snacking choices.


  1. Bring ready-to-eat snacks with you so you have control over your snack choices. Whether it be something homemade or a packet of nuts/ seeds; preparation is key!


  1. Stock up on whole fruits like bananas, apples and oranges – easy to throw into a bag and provide natural sugars rather than the processed kind.



  1. Freeze different fruits such as grapes or berries as a delicious, healthy, and tasty frozen treat. Try dipping berries in some yoghurt before popping them in the freezer – delicious!


  1. Combine food groups to get a range of nutrients — yogurt and berries, apples and peanut butter, whole grain crackers with avocado.



  1. As always, drink lots of water, and if you want, change it up by adding strawberries or maybe some cucumber for flavour.


Happy Snacking 🙂

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