Doing some back to school shopping?


It can be stressful trying to remember everything so here are our top 5 essentials that we often forget…


1.Water Bottle – Keeping kids hydrated is super important- especially if they’re doing PE or running around a playground. Fill up a water bottle for them each day and always check in with them to see how much they have drank throughout the day. Try getting one with their daily requirement marked on the bottle so they can try to drink it all- kids love a challenge.


2.Snacks– nutritious snacks are absolutely essential for kids to make it through the school day! Try opting for something with no added sugar like fruit or some whole grain crackers. It’s also good to keep an eye out when doing your shopping for low added sugar snacks that you can keep in the cupboard for emergencies!


3.Bandages/Antiseptic Ointment. This one is especially for younger kids going back to school! Getting back to the playground is often accompanied by a few bumps and scraped knees. Make sure you have some in the house and you could even consider tucking a few bandages into your child’s backpack; their teacher may thank you.


4.Name Labels that Stick. Going back to school often means buying a whole new set of everything they need. The only problem with this is that unfortunately every other parent is doing the same thing and in a small town, probably buying them from the same store. Labelling everything is a good way to keep track of your child’s things and will prevent you having to repurchase them if they go missing!


5.Freezer bags. If you make your child’s lunch each day, make sure you stock up on freezer packs. Not only for freezing but a great way to package snacks and sandwiches to keep them fresh and minimise mess. Check out paper sandwich bags and lunchboxes with removable compartments to reduce your plastic waste.

We have lots more Back To School Tips coming up so don’t forget to keep an eye on here over the next few weeks 🙂

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