The Good4U Family

Thanks for dropping by. When you think of Good4U we want you to think Charlie & Chocolate Factory, but the healthy version. We promise to make health foods that taste great without compromise. On arrival to the home of healthy living you will be met by the most amazing smell of coconut wafting through the building as a batch of coconut seeds roasts or lemon, orange, or spices depending on what’s in the oven! Only the best ingredients make it into our recipes and that’s a promise.

The Good4U story began in 2004 with the seed of a great idea. When you imagine an Irish family business think of us. There are five family members on this team. Paul and Bernie, I don’t know who is Willy Wonka so let’s just call Paul Willy and Bernie Wonka, parents to four; Karol, Laura, Michelle and Emma who all play a part in this story. We are so proud to say that we have the most amazing sprouts and healthy snacks on the planet lovingly made by a wonderful team who take as much pride in making these healthy treats as any oompa lumpa.

Thirteen years on and the journey is really only just beginning. We hope you will join us as we promise to give you health foods that will make you smile everytime!

To your health!” – Laura O’Sullivan

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