Good4U Omelette
Good4U Omelette
Servings: People
Prep Time:10 Minutes
Cook Time10 Minutes
  1. To make the egg mix place the egg yolks in a medium sized bowl and lightly mix. Add lemon juice, soy sauce and combine. Very slowly whisk in the butter, once combined add the seaweed paste
  2. To make the omelette, place a large omelette pan on a medium high heat, add just enough cooking oil to cover the bottom. Once smoking, add the Lentil Sprout Mix, moving them gently and evenly around the pan. Quickly whisk the two eggs together with the fish sauce
  3. Add the egg mix to the pan and with a metal spoon push the mix out evenly to the edges of the pan. Leave on a high heat for approximately 30 seconds and turn down to low until all the egg has cooked
  4. Using a fish slice, gently remove the omelette from the pan making sure that the fried and coloured side is face down on the board. Now place the Lentil Sprout Mix evenly across the omelette in a tight line placing the hot asparagus on top followed by the Super Sprouts and coriander
  5. Carefully start to roll the omelette into a tight roll incorporating the asparagus, sprouts and coriander as the filling in the center. Tidy the ends up by cleanly trimming them and slice the omelette into seven even pieces, place on your plate
  6. Spoon as much egg sauce as you like over the omelette and sprinkle with Good4U's Omega Super Seeds
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