Quinoa and Buckwheat Porridge
Quinoa and Buckwheat Porridge
If you think savoury porridge might sound a bit weird, this porridge will definitely make you change your mind! Against all the odds it’s surprisingly super delicious and satisfying! Elisa used a combination of quinoa and buckwheat, which apart from creating a thick and creamy consistency they are also packed with complex carbohydrates, protein and minerals which will keep you full and energised until lunch time. To make this porridge even more full of goodness, she added kale and mushrooms which add lots of flavour and texture too. Finally, she topped it with Good4U Omega Super Seed mix which adds a lovely crunch and provides incredible skin loving omega 3, essential for healthy and glowing skin.
Servings: People
Prep Time:
Cook Time
1smallOnionsFinely Chopped
1clove ofGarlicMinced
1handful ofKaleStemmed
1/2 AvocadoFinely Sliced
Sea SaltTo Taste
ChoppedFresh ChivesTo Serve
  1. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to a small pan and warm over a medium heat before adding the onion. Cook for 5-7 minutes until soft and translucent. Add the garlic and cook for another minute
  2. Meanwhile boil the kettle. Place the kale in a large bowl and pour over the boiling water. Let the kale soften and wilt for 2 minutes, making sure the leaves are fully submerged. When the kale turns into a dark green, drain the kale and set aside
  3. Add the chopped mushrooms and the miso paste to the pan and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add the buckwheat flakes, the cooked quinoa and the vegetable stock and cook on a medium heat for 4 minutes. All the liquid should be absorbed and the porridge should have a thick consistency (thicker than the traditional sweet one)
  4. Stir in the wilted kale and give it a good stir. To serve plate the porridge into a bowl, add the sliced avocado, chopped chive, adjust with salt and pepper and sprinkle with Good4U Omega 3 seeds sprinkle
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Recipe Chef: Elisa Rossi (@thehappyskinkitchen)



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